Rubber Ducky Club

The Rubber Ducky Club is here to help you work on early literacy with your child. Early literacy is the foundation for reading because it includes skills that your child can work on before they can read and write. Practice TALKING, WRITING, READING, PLAYING, and SINGING with your child. Work on these every day to help your child get ready for school and a lifetime of reading.

Here’s how it works:

  • Fill up a booklet (you can get one at the library), and color in a duck for every activity you share with your child. Repetition counts! If you sing a song 5 times, it counts as 5 activities.
  • Choose activities from our booklet, our website or create your own. Everything counts – even library programs!
  • Bring your completed book back to the library for your prize. When you complete 4 booklets, you will have accomplished 1,000 Early Literacy Activities.

If you get stuck or need help, the library is always there. Stop by or give us a call!

Need some help finding an activity to practice with your child or just want to change things up? Check out these resources:

Helpful FAQs

How do I sign my child up? Stop by the library and ask the librarian. We’ll take some basic info and get your first booklet

Do library storytime and events count? Absolutely! Spending time at the library is a great way to add activities to your list and meet new friends!

What if we signed up last year? Please stop by and register again. If you would like to pick up where you left off, that is OK, but we do need everyone to pop in and let us know you’d still like to participate.

Can I still log moments in Beanstack? Our Beanstack subscription is expiring soon, and after August we will no longer be using it to track progress. If you have it bookmarked, you may be able to access it, but logging there will not count for your prizes.

Why do you give out prizes? Prizes and incentives are positive way to track progress. Your child is working towards a book! What better way to encourage reading, than by building your library at home? Plus, we want to see you. When you pick up a prize, we get to check in and make sure that you are having a good time learning.

What happens when we finish? After 1,000 early literacy activities you earn your book! But the practice needs to keep going. You can even join the club again, and try to work towards 1,000 more activities!

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